Discover the 3 art collections of Silas Salo.

‘Facets of Perception’ by Silas Salo

The year 2017 saw the launch of the art series ‘Facets of Perception‘. This year also marked the tricentennial existence of modern society, with its guiding principles of ‘enlightenment’. Inspired by this thought concept, the year became the starting point for the creation of the first art series.

‘Evolution of Canvases’ by Silas Salo

Since 2019 Silas Salo the series ‘Evolution of Canvases’ came into existence. In a time where artistic collaborations of living artists and musicians are quite popular, the new art series takes a different approach when it comes to collaborations. The series is a unique cross centuries collaboration with Old Masters from the Dutch Golden Age.

The NFT collection ‘Crypto Cans’

‘Crypto Cans’ by Silas Salo

Crypto Cans’ is a collection of collectible NFT artworks, branded as ‘CollectiCans’. The ‘Crypto Cans’ are animated 3D cans that are used as a new virtual canvas for the artworks of Silas Salo.