by Silas Salo
Silas Salo the artist

Silas Salo is a Dutch artist who partially lives in Barcelona. After finishing his studies Graphic Design and Photography at the end of the analogue era, he started his professional career as a photographer and graphic designer in the ‘new’ digital era. Working for several advertising agencies he ended up having his own advertising agency for about 10 years, after which he started focussing on his passion Photography and Digital Art. Without ever having created an art series he had created photographic based digital art all off his career.

Digital Art

Digital Art introduced new visual and artistic expression opportunities beyond analogue photography. For this reason Photography based Digital Art is more accurate in describing the artworks of Silas Salo.

Digital figurativism

In contrast to abstact art, Silas Salo’s works are by definition representational art. Mostly eclectic portraits of women in serene poses, expressing the anima of the human soul.

A strong signature

With the aim to create his own unique iconography, Silas Salo often blends historical elements with contemporary digital culture, to give the works a more contemplative character with a strong visual signature.

‘Facets of Perception’ by Silas Salo

The series ‘Facets of Perception’

The year 2017 saw the launch of the art series ‘Facets of Perception‘. This year also marked the tricentennial existence of modern society, with its guiding principles of ‘enlightenment’. Inspired by this, the year became the starting point for the creation of his first art series.

The artworks were intended to engage modern viewers with the vanishing historical context of modern-day society on its way to the future of humanity. Digital portraits depicting augmented humanity in a historical context, with engineered human characteristics transcending its biological roots.

In this series triangles express the process of human modification and enhancement, also called ‘transhumanism’. All portraits are built up in triangles, symbolizing the transitional state of humanism on their way to some distant utopian ideal. This ‘transition’ process became the inspiration for the art series. Therefore triangles are the signature expression in this series. 

Visual contemplations about: Where do we come from – where are we now – where are we going to?

‘Evolution of Canvases’ by Silas Salo

The series ‘Evolution of Canvases’

Since 2019 Silas Salo has been working on the series ‘Evolution of Canvases’. In a time where artistic collaborations of living artists and musicians were quite popular, the art series of Silas Salo was a unique cross-centuries collaboration with Old Masters from the Dutch Golden Age.

Opinion, standards and perception change over time. Silas Salo chose to feature Still-life paintings as his artistic base to visualize the evolution of ethics and aesthethics. 

Still-lifes as an art genre began with Netherlandish painting in the 16th and 17th century.  These artworks from the Old Masters are getting a new life in new contemporary artworks through digital technologies, with digital image manipulation as the contemporary counterpart of these historical works. By combining these two genres through digital technology, Silas Salo created an artistic synchronicity, in a way that they became meaningfully related. Where as the layered structure of the new artworks emphasizes the tention and contrast between the ‘beauty ideals’ of the old and the new world.

Silas Salo added a human element to the original still-lifes to direct the viewer to the newly accepted living ‘Canvas’ as a contemporary artistic expression. By combining the old and the new application of the same artwork in one powerful new frame, he is presenting another visual contemplation.

The historical elements and the eclectic portraits are the core ingredients of the unique Silas Salo iconography, which gives his works a touch of timelessness with a strong visual signature.

‘Crypto Cans’ by Silas Salo

The NFT collection ‘Crypto Cans’

Since 2021 a start was made with the creation of an NFT collection. The first digital images of the new NFT collection were published at the end of 2022. 

Crypto Cans‘ is a collection of collectible NFT artworks, branded as ‘CollectiCans’. The ‘Crypto Cans’ are animated 3D cans that are used as a new virtual canvas for the artworks of Silas Salo.